Your Practice Doesn’t Need a Patient Portal. Here’s Why . . .

Even in our tech-savvy world, many patients simply aren’t interested in going online when it comes to managing their own healthcare.

That’s the simple truth.

Practices have a diverse mix of patients. Some come regularly; others you see annually; and still others show up just once, never to be seen again. Even most regulars don’t want to deal with the hassle of registering for a portal account and having to remember yet another username and password.

But there is a viable alternative that encourages patient engagement. It allows them to request appointments, update information prior to a visit, and much more without using a portal. It’s an easy process called Secure Online Forms Workflow.

Secure forms can be linked to a practice’s website and, even better, embedded into pre- and post-visit patient texts and emails. Along with patient pre-registration and registration, the forms can improve the efficiency of any practice’s front office by facilitating:

  • The confirmation of addresses and contact info
  • Insurance coverage updates
  • Uploads of insurance cards and IDs
  • E-signed releases and acknowledgements
  • Completion of patient health histories and satisfaction surveys
  • Confirmation of medication lists
  • Delivery of secure test results
  • Registration for secure payment options

While paper forms can’t be customized, online forms are “intelligent” enough to understand relevance and/or context. They’re intuitive and extremely simple to use, requesting precisely what’s needed from each patient. Different forms can be created to match various situations. They can even prompt a patient to do things like uploading a copy of an insurance card.

Secure and HIPAA compliant, online forms can function with validation info the patient knows by heart (like a birthdate), so no passwords or PINs are needed. They’re also logged and locked, making them legally valid for e-signature purposes.

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Secure Online Forms Workflow provides the tools to facilitate efficient and successful interaction between practices and their patients.

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