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To Be or Not to Be . . . Electronic

Are you one of the many physicians who still have not entered the world of electronic medical records?

Never fear, you are not alone.  Many physicians have not adopted electronic health records because they question whether it is worth the time, effort, and resources to make the transition.  For others, it may be simple inertia – the unwillingness to adopt a new way of running their practice.

Here are some reasons why you may consider electronic medical records a worthwhile option:

Electronic health records lead to more efficient and effective practice administration.  Your office will run more efficiently due to better chart management. Your staff will no longer waste precious time searching for misplaced or misfiled charts.  You will also save office space, as you will no longer need to house a voluminous amount of paper charts.

Electronic health records offer cost benefits. Your practice will save money by avoiding staff expenses and storage costs related to paper records. In addition, you may reap savings by reducing transcription costs, receptionist costs, as well as data entry and billing costs. It also eliminates the need to purchase all those paper chart supplies.

Integration with insurance payment system also allows for more efficient and timely claims submission. By utilizing electronic health records, you will also qualify for Federal incentive payments and avoid reimbursement penalties.

Electronic health records improve patient experience and care.  Electronic health records can reduce medical errors by improving legibility of charts and prescriptions while enabling providers to finish charting more quickly and with increased accuracy.

If the many benefits of adopting an EHR system sound attractive to you, let’s continue this dialogue.  Please contact us.

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