Physician Rewards


AssuranceMD improves profitability so that every earned dollar can be invested where it matters most. Our full service revenue cycle management solution drives efficiency improvements in all aspects of The Revenue Cycle. Improved billing and collections capabilities:

  • Generates increased claim submissions
  • 96% clean claim rate
  • Facilitates a faster collection cycle
  • Accelerates cash flow
  • Assures full revenue recovery for services provided
  • Complete end-to-end revenue cycle management

It takes a specialized and competent team to achieve superior results and AssuranceMD provides that level of capability.

Our hosted revenue cycle management tools eliminate the challenge of managing hardware and software expenses and the related challenges of technical expertise, decision making, facility space, data security and ongoing support. We provide all the administrative maintenance and upgrade support you require and integrate our tools with our best practice processes. You will never have to worry about your IT infrastructure again or your patient’s data as our service meets or exceeds security requirements.

Our comprehensive approach to revenue collection is the foundation of our success and the key to achieving your practice goals. We begin with an extensive and expert assessment of your current revenue collection system and the resulting cash flow. The assessment results will identify opportunities to improve your collection system and add broader value to your practice. Goal setting and regular reporting enable you to keep the focus on practicing medicine while financial growth and new opportunities are realized.

Practice Rewards


  • Your patients will be rewarded with a quality end-to-end billing experience – no surprises.
  • Your employees will be rewarded with a reduction of stress and an increased capacity for involvement in other aspects of patient care.
  • Your practice will be rewarded with an increase in business value through revenue collection.

Our advanced tools, processes and knowledgeable people will care for your business through:

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Eligibility verification
  • Automated billing
  • Claims scrubbing
  • Claims management

You pursued healthcare to make a difference in the lives of people who need a difference and your personal investment is too great to be overshadowed by the challenges of patients, staff or business performance. At AssuranceMD, the beneficiary of our difference is you. We’ll have your back in making sure our services represent the difference you aspire to make in the lives of your patients.

Patient Rewards


Providing care to your patients is a bi-directional expectation of both the provider and the patient. The challenge for the provider is to find ongoing ways to stay ahead of their patients’ expectations in defining “care”. At AssuranceMD, we leverage people, processes and technology to enable growing “care” capabilities while also introducing efficiencies that enable both the patient and provider to benefit.

Examples include:

  • Patient portals
  • Cost estimators
  • Reminder calls
  • Bi-lingual billing representatives
  • First call answering
  • On-line bill pay
  • Survey and testimonial services

Secure patient portals drive proven engagement results, guarantee successful regulatory compliance and provide the patient with quicker access to information. Cost estimators help patients to understand their expected financial responsibility before receiving medical services. Reminder calls increase the likelihood of the patient visit and reduces non-billable time. Dedicated and bi-lingual billing representatives answer patient calls on the first ring and act as an extension of your team to answer patient questions and process payments.

Keeping payments flowing smoothly is key to helping practitioners improve their cash flow. Patient surveys and testimonials let your happy clients share their stories about their medical care. And happy patients are less likely to call and more likely to pay bills in a timely manner.