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AssuranceMD Announces Regional Cardiology Consultants as Revenue Cycle Management Client

AssuranceMD announced today the signing of its newest client, Regional Cardiology Consultants.  Dr. Jeffrey Weisman has retained AssuranceMD to provide revenue cycle management services and collections support. Regional Cardiology Consultants will also utilize AssuranceMD’s hosted practice management application, superior clearinghouse and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services.

Press Releases

AssuranceMD Completes Security Risk

As AssuranceMD and our client practices become increasingly more dependent on the internet, there is a growing trend to open network infrastructures to multiple stakeholders.  When opening the enterprise environment for the purpose of improving information flow and transaction capabilities, the internet risks and vulnerabilities significantly increase. Therefore, it is critical to provide a secure environment that guarantees our clients the confidential exchange of information while ensuring data integrity.

Press Releases

AssuranceMD to Provide Revenue Cycle Management and Billing and Collections Support for Coastal Orthopedics

April 24, 2015

“AssuranceMD came highly recommended as leader in revenue cycle management with a can do spirit“ says Dr.Rob Williams. “A trusted industry partner suggested their services to help improve our reimbursement process and to streamline the billing and collections process. We look forward to the positive financial impact we expect from a team of experts with proven abilities.”

Press Releases

Advantage Foot and Ankle Center Retains AssuranceMD for Revenue Cycle Management Services

April 21, 2015

“We have high expectations for the financial improvements we believe AssuranceMD can provide our practice. We believe their unique combination of products, process and podiatry expertise, will deliver the improved revenues we’ve been unable to secure,” stated Dr. Bell. Advantage Foot and Ankle Center will also utilize AssuranceMD’s superior clearinghouse and Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) services.