Telehealth – The Next Generation of Healthcare Visits

How happy would your patients be if they had a question that could be answered from the convenience of home vs. rushing to an emergency room or urgent care?  Telehealth is becoming the first line of defense, all from the convenience of home.

Telehealth services are on the rise

Telehealth lets providers examine and treat patients remotely, in real time, using online streaming video technology and interactive tools.  These services are driven to enhance the patient experience and positively impact health outcomes. Up until a few years ago, most conversations about telehealth were more conceptual than practical. Today, however, almost every digital health company is integrating or working to implement some form of telehealth technology – from healthcare networks to insurance providers to EHR vendors.

Gaining popularity with patients and providers

Telehealth services are important because it provides care that is convenient for patients, helps to decrease the cost of care and supports healthcare in underserved areas.  A recent study about a telehealth program  for diabetes self-management conducted on military veterans found that telehealth services not only shortens the wait time to talk to a provider verses an in person visit, it also results in patients with type 2 diabetes having comparable improvements in blood glucose control to patients receiving traditional care. The approach represents the potential for better clinical outcomes and quality in the treatment of some patients.

While adoption still faces some barriers, many executives believe that telehealth has the potential to help patients that may not have the means of getting to a doctor’s office or a clinical facility.  Telehealth  services must maintain the same level of care as in-person outcomes and will allow providers to succeed in both clinical and financial terms while preventing readmissions and following patients across multiple care settings become top priorities

Are you considering implementing Telehealth services?  It could  extend services to your patients and result in  more revenue for your practice.  If you have questions about Telehealth or  credentialing , please call us at 800-258-7150.