Navigating the Options: AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service

MIPS Success is Financial Success

AssuranceMD is your trusted partner for end-to-end revenue process support to protect the financial health of your practice. With the advent of the CMS Quality Payment Program, the MIPS performance categories – quality, cost, advancing care information (ACI), and improvement activities (IA) – will impact your practice’s financial health. The MIPS experts at AssuranceMD are here to help you navigate the complex reporting options and develop a strategy and plan unique to your practice. We are pleased to offer AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service to protect you from CMS penalties and to maximize your opportunity to receive positive Medicare Part B payment adjustments.

A Unique Opportunity

AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service is a unique program providing MIPS experts to support your practice throughout the year. Practices often receive misleading information creating unnecessary effort for you and your staff. You need guidance from experts living through the challenges of QPP reporting. The AssuranceMD team has completed 2018 reporting for MSSP Track 1, 2 and 3 ACOs and we know the questions to ask to develop the best plan for your practice.

CMS and Quality Improvement Organizations are excellent information and education resources and AssuranceMD will help you navigate updates on the evolving program. For example, the recent announcement regarding excluded providers in hurricane impacted counties in Florida, Georgia and Texas have a big impact on eligibility and the bonus pool, but the announcements we’re just one of many coming out of CMS last month.

There is no need for expensive solutions – AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service is available for a monthly fee based on a percentage of Part B collections and is less than the Year-One penalty.

Our Approach to QPP and MIPS Reporting

The MIPS experts at AssuranceMD will complete an assessment of your practice reflecting your technology, your specialty, you patients’ needs, and your practice goals. With this information we’ll walk through the AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service “decision tree,” navigating options for quality reporting (billing system or registry), and evaluate opportunities for ACI and IA attestation. MIPS is very complex and there are many reporting options. The AssuranceMD experts will help you develop a reporting strategy that is not only the most efficient, but also aligned with the future vision for your practice. Every point counts and the goal is not simply to survive but to thrive!

Once we have a MIPS strategy in place for your practice, we will work with you to develop a reporting plan with timelines and responsibilities. This includes any changes necessary to your EMR or operations, identification of registries or QCDR, and what documentation is necessary for audit purposes.

MIPS Reporting Options for 2018 and Beyond

The AssuranceMD MIPS Success as a Service plan for your practice will not only help you meet reporting requirements for 2018, it will also establish a foundation for future years when the CMS incentives, and penalties, increase. As we discussed in our February 9 post, MIPS is a budget-neutral program and as aggregate performance improves, CMS will raise the Performance Threshold bar to ensure penalties to providers below the bar offset bonus payments to providers above the bar. To thrive in the years beyond 2018, now is the time to establish your MIPS strategy and plan.  The experts at AssuranceMD are here to help!

To learn more about Assurance MD MIPS Success as a Service please contact us today.