Choosing the Right Mentor Can Mean Sustained Success

Much more than a teacher, an effective mentor is a trusted advisor with ample knowledge and experience in your chosen career path. In the digital age, such relationships are more important than ever, as the online environment doesn’t necessarily foster or sustain deep, candid, mentor-like exchanges. In the practice of medicine, there’s nothing more valuable than genuine human interaction. Mentees benefit from real-life stories and the opportunity to learn from experience.

In a way, a good mentorship is like a good marriage. It’s a long-term relationship with a person you want to grow with and share in the joy of practicing medicine. A good mentor should bring out the best in a mentee through dynamic interaction in which both parties benefit. Subconsciously or otherwise, mentees retain and reflect on the attitudes and behavior they encounter in such a relationship—and that can have profound implications.

Tips for the mentee:

  • Seek out an effective leader and a molder of other physicians.
  • Thoroughly research a potential mentor’s reputation.
  • Choose someone who’s committed to and involved in his or her community.
  • Find a mentor you aspire to model yourself after.

Tips for the mentor:

  • Talk with your mentee about the upside of building a new relationship and sharing experiences.
  • Invest in someone who might ultimately be an asset for your practice. This could be an opportunity to grow it from the inside.
  • Look at mentoring as a training exercise as much as an opportunity to learn from someone else.

Take a close look around your practice to identify those with a natural ability to train, coach, inspire, challenge and develop talent. All are qualities inherent in good mentors. Those who excel at mentoring should be formally recognized. They might even be capable of working with more than one employee.

Mentors who actively seek out mentees typically look for characteristics that resonate with them. They may see a certain promise—perhaps even someone who will help carry on their legacy. This is often reflected in the excellent patient care mentees provide and their eventual evolution into stellar role models for others.

In other words, it’s a win-win situation all the way around.

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