In your practice do you feel more like the Doctor-Owner or the Doctor-Employee? As the owner of your practice do you find yourself doing-it, doing-it, doing-it or have you been able to create a practice that allows you to lead-it, lead-it, lead-it? In all your years of learning about the “practice of medicine” how much learning was applied to the “business of medicine”? And after decades of caring for patients will you have a healthy business asset that can care for you?

At AssuranceMD, our mission is to be the physician’s first choice to grow and protect the financial health of the practice so that you secure the future you’ve worked hard to achieve. For the past 20 years, we’ve helped doctors improve patient satisfaction, the bottom line and their quality of life. And we would like to the same for you. Our approach to making new relationships is simply built on the basis of Know, Like and Trust. To that end we would like to offer you a book, The EMyth Physician, as our way of inviting you to meet us. The EMyth Physician gets straight to the challenges of the Doctor-Owner and we believe the short amount of time required to read through this book will return future dividends.

Please accept The EMyth Physician as our gift to you. Simply complete the mailing information below and we will ship a copy to you right away. Additionally, we will occasionally send additional information as a means of helping you get to Know us. This is a limited time offer so don’t wait to respond. We look forward to hearing from you.**

“AssuranceMD helps your practice protect all the revenue you’ve earned, ensuring you’re paid promptly and fully. Much more than just a billing service, AssuranceMD is a comprehensive solution that manages the revenue process. Maximum collection produces efficient cash management, higher earnings, maximum business valuation and quality time with patients. How can we help you?”                                                                                      ∼  Greg Cutrona, CEO


**Limited to one book per practice mailing address.