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Top Performer in Medicare’s New Quality Program

Congratulations to Maurice Levy, DPM and his team for earning a top performance score in Medicare’s new quality program.  Hard work and dedication have resulted in a score of 98/100 and a positive payment adjustment from CMS.  A positive score will set them up for bigger adjustments in the future.

Very early on, Dr. Levy made the decision to dive in to understand the ever changing and complicated reimbursement environment.  It was important to protect his Medicare reimbursements and he was prepared to get to work.  Unlike many practices, Dr. Levy decided he was not going to ignore the inevitable.

High performance does not happen without a plan.

Working with the right team and the right systems are important to achieve success.  As early as 2011, AssuranceMD informed Dr. Levy of upcoming programs and changes to CMS and suggested getting in on the ground floor in order to make things easier in the future.   Dr. Levy knew that with the professional support and the proper tools, he would be able to implement and grow in the right direction.

Beginning with PQRS and Meaningful Use, Dr. Levy worked to understand the dynamics and requirements to report successfully.    This early adoption laid the ground work for an easier transition to the new Quality Payment Plan (QPP).  He stayed engaged and invested time to understand how to select measures and how to be successful.  Working closely with AssuranceMD, he participated in ongoing educational opportunities like MIPS  webinars and  focus groups where he could share his experience and talk things through with other participants.  The cumulative experience proved to pay off.

Dr. Levy attributes his success to three important factors.  The first is the power of AssuranceMD’s integrated products that provide the ability to keep pace with CMS.   AssuranceMD’s registry solution has helped to minimize the time needed to implement the many changes that occurred between proposed guidelines to final rulings.  The second is the flexibility that AssuranceMD’s products offer to choose the measures he wanted to report.  Lastly, is the support and services that AssuranceMD’s team provided with ongoing education and consultation.

Protecting your future.

Dr. Levy is no longer afraid of the future because of what he has learned and accomplished to date.   From the implementation of an EHR platform years ago, to successful Meaningful Use attestation to earning a top MIPS score that protects their future.  This MIPS performance score will positively impact the ongoing cashflow, ROI and overall valuation of his practice.  With AssuranceMD, he’s confident that his future is secure.

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