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The Giants Between You and Your Dreams

In the story of David and Goliath, David actually had to fight four other giants before he got to Goliath. They weren’t physical giants, but they were giants in his mind.

You are far more likely to have to face those giants as well, but they can be just as big and intimidating and can keep you from becoming what you want to be and fulfilling your Goals and Dreams.

The first giant in facing your goal or life dream is delay. No goal is fulfilled instantly. You set a goal on one day, but it isn’t fulfilled the next day. It may be years before you see the fulfillment of your life’s dream. There is always a waiting period.

Our plan isn’t necessarily someone else’s plan, there’s going to be a delay, and people are going to try to hold you back. Be faithful and committed and in time you will see your work complete, goal attained and dreams fulfilled.

The second giant you may face is discouragement. Many times people around us create a climate of fear. Who are you listening to who says it can’t be done? Who is putting down your dreams, saying it won’t ever happen? Sometimes you just need a fresh voice.

The third giant standing in your way is disapproval. When you have a dream that other people are afraid of and you go for it anyway, you will be misjudged, maligned, and misunderstood. You have to decide what matters more to you — the approval of other people or what you believe is possible.

The fourth giant you may have to face is doubt. Many times consulting an expert will only create hesitation or uncertainty. How often do we hear someone say “You’re crazy for thinking like that” maybe the expert is saying you can’t do it, either? That’s enough to make you start doubting yourself. I say call me crazy. The experts are often wrong.

So what is your Goliath? Learn from dreams that are delayed, surround yourself with people of encouragement, be inspired when challenged by doubt. And release your inner David.