Speech Recognition – It adapts to you and the needs of your practice

Speech recognition software is on the rise in the medical community because it saves time and money. On average, people hand-write 30 words per minute, type 45 words a minute and speak 150 words; so we speak five times faster than we hand-write and three times faster than we can type. The spoken word is the way to go.

Speech recognition (SR) technology increases quality face-to face time with patients, saves administrative time, helps produce more comprehensive notes in less time, and eliminates illegible patient records. All of these benefits result in an improved patient experience, as well as cost and time savings.

In fact, you are already using SR technology if you ask Siri to help you find something on your smart phone – or use your hands free device in your car. If you use Google Docs and other word processing programs, you can create documents by speaking into your home computer.

Improve patient care and documentation.

Speech recognition software use improves both patient care and clinical documentation. Hands-free dictation allows physicians to focus on patients – not the computer terminal or a paper file. As a doctor talks to the patient, text is entered directly into the electronic health record in less time than typing or writing. As a result, patients make stronger connections, communicate more freely with doctors and precious time is saved.

With the implementation of SR software, many physicians say their patient notes are more accurate and detailed, simply because it is easier to speak than type or write. Their notes are captured in real time and contain more of the patient’s personal story, rather than just clinical information. These more comprehensive records are very helpful when a patient needs to see another doctor in your practice or elsewhere.

But, how does SR software replace the keyboard or pen? The software is very adaptive and learns the individual speech patterns, accents and commonly used terminology for each person in your practice. Voice commands, specific to your practice, will allow physicians to insert large amounts of repetitive text into a document, saving time and frustration. Also, an internal medical dictionary within the software will correct any errors and properly spell all terminology.

In addition, SR technology reduces the need for costly medical transcription services, which can delay reports. SR accuracy rates are high which allows reports to be quickly produced and shared, without waiting for transcription.

Save time and money.

Even if you are a champion typist or have perfect penmanship, it is doubtful you can compete with SR software and its many benefits.  Overall, your practice will enjoy significant administrative time saving, improved medical records and the reduction or elimination of transcription fees. All these benefits add up to more quality time with patients and cost savings.

If you need help in understanding how SR technology can benefit your practice, AssuranceMD has the resources to assist you.  Please contact us.

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