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Our Product: Benefits of the Cloud

Easy Implementation

Our hosted solution is an advanced, revolutionary experience. Not only does the Cloud have a low set-up fee, but there are no expensive upgrades, licensing renewals, or necessary hardware or software to purchase, install, or maintain.

We promise a fast and easy implementation, ensuring a seamless transition that will not disrupt your practice. The faster the implementation, the faster you’ll receive benefits.

We understand that as a medical practitioner, your attention is not always focused on learning and updating new technologies, and for good reason.  By using AssuranceMD, you’ll be able to focus on providing care and improving the well being of your patients. Our team will provide your staff with a complete and comprehensive training for the system, recommending specific solutions for areas of improvement in the practice’s efficiency.

Our medical experts will equip you with the tools to perform efficiently and intelligently with our system, focusing only on the areas that are necessary to generate larger revenue, increase cash flow, and reduce time-consuming tasks.

Upon implementing AssuranceMD’s Cloud services into your practice, we will provide you with an extensive and expert analysis of your practice’s revenue and cash flow, creating specific solutions to help you save time while earning more in return.

Our Solution >

Our Solution to Achieve, Control, Lead, and Grow


AssuranceMD provides practice management solutions to practices of all sizes throughout the country. By leveraging the Cloud with like practices who use AssuranceMD, you will gain a unique advantage while remaining secure and private. A shared network means shared knowledge, therefore providing access to smart practice management insight, updated payer rules …Read more >


With no implementation cost, the elimination of software license upgrades and maintenance fees, and a monthly support payment, you will be earning more while spending less. Unlike many companies that charge extra for “add-ons” such as a secure access, upgrades, software licenses, and disaster recovery, we consider these necessities. … Read more >


AssuranceMD will perform a thorough revenue cycle assessment and baseline measure of your practice’s financial and revenue cycle performance. The results will identify and define the problem areas in your practice’s workflow and offer solutions that, through implementation of our specific recommendations… Read more >


AssuranceMD’s combination of technology, people, and support will give your practice an advantage to receiving and attaining incentives from Meaningful Use. Our staff will provide support to help you meet all the measures, securing your incentives. We will continuously pursue other incentive programs such as pay-for-performance or PQRS. By providing … Read more >

Essential Benefits >

Essential Benefits

The combination of lower insurance reimbursements and higher administrative costs weighs heavily on a practice to retain any tangible equity. It is time to separate yourself from the physician who struggles to pay down debt or who faces retirement without the prospect of financial independence. AssuranceMD will alleviate the burden of managing your medical practice allowing you to Achieve, Control, Lead and Grow.