eStatements are Faster, Smarter and Cheaper

  • WHO:   Laura Sullivan of Practice Insight
  • WHAT: Spend less, work smarter and collect more
  • VIDEO:  Watch Here

Sending eStatements will get you paid faster and reduce current expenses up to 70%!

US Postal rates just increased 10%.  Have you calculated the financial impact that will have on your efforts to get paid?  Now is the perfect time to consider sending eStatements and reduce your statement fees by up to 70%.

Today, the patient represents the 3rd largest payer and their financial responsibility continues to grow.  Utilizing eStatement services will help your practice spend less to collect what is owed.  eStatements will  save you money, expedite delivery of statements to your patients, and can include a “pay now” feature that will ultimately improve your cash flow. Utilizing the online payment feature will reduce your days in A/R and reduce costs and time in posting patient payments that have been traditionally received through the mail.

Watch our 20-minute webinar to see the efficiency of sending eStatements and to see how easily it integrates with your billing application.

We will demonstrate:

  • How to manage and track eStatements through the Statement Manager module
  • The ease of managing & maintaining email addresses and online security access codes
  • How to view proof of delivery, verification and timestamp that email was opened
  • Convenience for patients to pay online
  • How payment receipts are generated and sent for proof of payment