What are secure healthcare hosting services?

Secure hosting services provide a high-performance cloud based infrastructure that hosts applications in the cloud versus on a server. Secure Hosting allows a site to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol which encrypts the data transmitted between a visitor’s web browser and your website. Secure hosting provides proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats!

What are the benefits of using a secure healthcare data solution?

The benefits of secure hosting far outweigh the hassles of onsite server maintenance and software updates. One of the most important advantages to healthcare hosting solutions is the cost savings that can result from using hosted technology. By removing the high cost of servers, software and data center infrastructure, practices can save money and leverage the benefits of an existing cloud-based environment. The elimination of maintaining servers and software provides more time to focus on the things that matter most –patients.

Cloud based services are ideal for business with growing or fluctuating demands. The ease of scalability, agility and flexibility provide practices with a real advantage over server based practices. Built-in redundancy provides a high level of protection for automatic data backups performed on a constant basis.

Cloud servers are available at your finger tips  24-7 and from any location as long as there is an internet connection. With AssuranceMD’s cloud hosting solutions, clients enjoy a complete recovery with no loss of data in case of a disaster. Another benefit of secure hosting is the ability to provide faster data access and shifting of load distribution. Cloud hosting services can instantly detect and distribute load to take the burden off busier servers and speed up performance.

Why should you choose a secure hosting solution?

Hosted services keep your business agile, adaptable and powerful. Cloud based services provide convenience, scalability, high performance, data security, elimination of upgrades, 24-7 accessibility, data recovery and hacker protection. They also remove the expense and challenges associated with maintaining hardware, software and security.

What is the process to set up secure hosting?

The AssuranceMD onboarding to secure applications is guided by a dedicated account manager who will welcome you and provide training & support. With every set up, our top priorities are data security, HIPAA compliance and smooth implementation with the least amount of disruption to your practice. Set up varies depending on the service level or customization.