Take Control of Your Practice

The success of your business begins and ends with you, the practicing physician. And if an office isn’t running efficiently, you ultimately feel the repercussions. Here are five ways to take control of your practice.

Financial Forecasting for Medical Practices

The practice of forecasting by analyzing historical data and trying to predict future performance will help you manage negative external factors that threaten your business.  Forecasting will also allow you to make better business decisions, after careful deliberation instead of reacting poorly to negative factors or crises that arise, resulting in a more successful business.

Four Ways to Recover Patient Accounts Receivable

Every organization wants to maximize revenue and deliver the best possible healthcare service.  The problem is many healthcare organizations fail to realize these two goals are connected.  If improving your patient payment collections isn’t a top priority in your financial plan, you might want to rethink your strategy.

10 Things Physicians Need to Know about MACRA in 2018

The program, enacted under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), will affect participating physicians’ payment in 2020. This means physicians have about two months to prepare for what they need to report when the calendar turns to 2018, especially in performance categories that require full calendar year data reporting.

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Are You Planning to Succeed?

A well-structured strategic business planning process can help your practice in both the short and the long term.  Whether you operate a small practice or are exploring ways to expand an existing one, planning is an important tool to help guide your decisions and ultimately, your success.

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Practice Valuation Methods

Over the past several years, a trend has emerged of physician practice acquisitions and subsequent employment of the physicians by health systems. As these transactions continue in the marketplace today along with changes in the healthcare industry and the reimbursement models, small independent physicians find running a practice ever more daunting.

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Are You Letting Money Walk Out The Door?

Outsourcing patient billing is a proven strategy to improve your cash flow, free up your staff and better serve your patients. Don’t let money walk out the door. Explore the positive impact a billing program can have on your financial performance, your reputation and your staff.

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It’s not just a cup of soup!

It’s not just a cup of soup! It’s a healthy serving of goodness prepared with love for people in tremendous need. It’s a meal we so often take for granted and yet for others, it might be the heartiest meal they’ve experienced in days or months.

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10 Years of Outstanding Service

“Crystal has been a significant contributor from the very beginning. Together, we have grown our small software support company into a leading revenue cycle management company servicing medical practices across the US. We could never have accomplished so much without Crystal’s dedication and experience.”

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Overcoming the Fears of Change

Fully understanding the benefits of RCM services, anticipating staff concerns and fears, and sharing common practice goals are instrumental aspects of maintaining a happy and productive team. It is the first step towards improving financial performance and maintaining a productive and efficient billing and collections team.

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The Spirit of Holiday Giving

Giving back to others and supporting our local community is an important part of who we are at AssuranceMD. This holiday season, our company teamed up with a local outreach program to provide Christmas trees and gift cards to some very deserving families.

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Big Benefits to Cloud-Based EHR

Should we or shouldn’t we, that is the question we often hear when talking with physicians about the move to EHR. Just like any big decisions, there is an internal tug-of-war about the expense, the integration and a resistance to change the current process.

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Farewell to Fees

Recently I attended a seminar where the keynote speaker started his presentation with “Fee for Service is dead” I was captivated by the realization that the reimbursement model that so many of my clients and our business relied on is dead. As I began to reflect ….