Positive Effects of Outsourcing Medical Billing

Solutions to Improve Profitability and Patient Care – Medical Practices and Revenue Cycle Management

By far, one of the best reasons for partnering with a Revenue Cycle Management company for medical billing and collection services is that you will have more time to focus on your patients, not paperwork or chasing payments.

In addition, you will be paid faster. Many medical practices collect only 30 cents on every dollar owed – that is a lot of money left on the table.

A RCM company will focus on your medical billing 100 percent of the time; resulting in improved billing submission, cleaner claims,  fewer billing errors and reduced claim denials.  Should there be an issue with a bill, a dedicated account manager is responsible for the claims follow up and faster payment of the bill, providing more time for patient care.

And, what about existing staff? In-house billing can often be left to staff members who are too busy with a variety of practice responsibilities, in addition to patient care.  The challenge of managing daily billing, staying current on payer rules and updates is too complicated to manage alone.

Working with an RCM company providing comprehensive medical billing and collection services will relieve the daily billing pressure so your staff of medical professionals will be empowered to provide the patient care they were hired to do.  Also, RCM companies are always staffed with trained and certified professionals; so billing submissions are not delayed due to inadequate experience.  Staff vacation days, illness or staff departures will not negatively impact the revenue cycle performance.

Every practice has its own internal staffing challenges, financial benchmarks and budgetary limitations. An RCM company can work with you to customize services tailored to your practice.

A full-service RCM company can help your practice take advantage of existing workflows and processes at a much lower cost than developing them on your own.  By partnering with the right RCM organization, your practice will save money, improve billing processes, and deliver a  better collections performance.

Even better – AssuranceMD Revenue Management Services are guaranteed to pay for themselves.  You have nothing to lose. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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