Practice Insight

Practice Insight powers our EDI capability and superior clearinghouse services enabling users to work their entire accounts receivable in one location.  Practice Insight provides fast, reliable software that allows users to track every single claim in real-time, customize claim edits,  verify patient eligibility, process electronic and printed patient statements,  recover ERA accounts receivable,  and much more.



MicroMD is our top practice management application used in our Plus Services that provides exceptional capabilities in scheduling, registration, billing, claims management, advanced security and system integration & interoperability.  It is easy for staff to learn and scalable enough to support changing practice needs.

Aprima EHR

Aprima EHR offers a uniquely powerful solution designed to complement and simplify your workflow in our Enhanced Services.     The innovative technology adapts automatically to a physician’s needs and sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions provides secure data hosting services, as well as managed IT support, including strategic oversight on best practices for data protection and application security.  Their focus is on complete responsibility for technology environments, compliance and security without compromising productivity or practice growth.


AIMSVAR is a network of highly motivated professionals who navigate the complex waters of the healthcare industry. Their foundation is built on education, professional development and state of the art products that help physicians thrive and stay on top of changing regulations and technology.

Join Our Partner Network

AssuranceMD has developed a network of partners to join and integrate with our healthcare solutions. Each company is handpicked for its individual expertise and capabilities. If you would like to become a partner, request an Independent Contractor Agreement below.