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Overcoming the Fears of Change

Change can clearly be a “business need” within a Medical Practice.  Changes that are most successful are changes that are consistent with the culture of the organization, are incremental in nature,  don’t push people too far out of their comfort zone, and can be staged over a period of time.

High Level goals set by the Medical Practice Physicians, should be the same overall goals which all employees of a practice adhere to and attempt to achieve. When the word “Change” is inserted somewhere along the way, normal human reaction is one of possible fear and loss of job.  Often a component of change involves the utilization of an outside resource to augment and support current in-house efforts.  The “practice goals” do not align with the employee’s goals and as a result, fear creeps in about job performance and job security.

Consider the implementation of an RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Company to assist the office to increase potential incoming revenue.  Immediately a red flag erupts from the internal billing and operational staff assuming they will be replaced. This is a common reaction but not indicative of typical outcomes.  RCMs recommend that an office retain their staff members and in many instances, even keep their existing practice management systems if all is operating efficiently. The role of the RCM is to assist the office and all staff members, working alongside them to increase the potential revenue and operational effectiveness of the practice.

Fully understanding the benefits of RCM services, anticipating staff concerns and fears, and sharing common practice goals are instrumental aspects of maintaining a happy and productive team.  It is the first step towards improving financial performance and maintaining a productive and efficient billing and collections team.

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