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My Top 5 Favorite Features of Practice Insight’s EDI Claim Manager

When it comes to billing, most if not all practices are now submitting their claims electronically. There are powerful time-saving tools available that can improve this process and help minimize errors. Below are some of the daily functions that I use for this purpose. These functions can ultimately expedite submission and accelerate payments.

Invalid/Rejected Claims:

Claim Manager will automatically check for errors on the front end before it ever gets to the insurance company. Whether it is an invalid member ID number or an invalid diagnosis code, the ability to fix this within the program prior to submission will dramatically reduce your payor rejections and denials.

Claim Status:

Claim Manager makes it as easy as 1-2-3 with its real time claim status feature. With many payers, you have the ability to check the status of your claim with a single click. This eliminates the long hold times and provides you with the capability of working through more of your accounts receivable.

Denied Claims:

Working denied claims is a priority. EDI’s ERA Manager is a function that allows you to identify them quickly and resubmit in a timely manner. ERA Manager allows you to access denied claims for both claim level and line level denials.

Claim History/Change Log:

This feature allows you to view the entire history of a single claim, documents all changes made to the claim, as well as responses from payors. This feature eliminates the potential of making similar mistakes or getting duplicate types of denials.


One of the time consuming tasks when working accounts receivable is the process of writing letters to payors.  EDI Claim Manager saves time with the feature of built in letters such as:

  • Appeal Letter
  • Timely Filing
  • Medical Records submission

All of the necessary claim information automatically populates into these letters and drastically reduces the need for typing. After printing, the system automatically records the date that the letter was sent.

Not all EDI solutions are created equally.   Our solution allows you to work your entire accounts receivable process more efficiently which results in maximizing your claim payments.