Make it Easy for Patients to Pay – Improving Medical Billing Collections

There’s one certainty in today’s evolving healthcare environment – the portion of payment for which the patient is responsible continues to grow.  Today, the patient represents your third largest payer.  As patient financial responsibility continues to increase as a portion of your practice’s A/R, it’s important to have the right tools to collect what you are owed.

The easier you make it for your patients to pay, the more likely you will receive what you are owed.  Payment options that are flexible, easy to use and comprehensive will dramatically improve your payment performance.

So what does an easy, flexible and comprehensive patient payment program look like?

PayTheBillNow is a comprehensive charge capture solution that makes collecting patient payments convenient – both for your patients and your staff.   It allows for payments to be made online as well as in person, over the phone or via mail.  Cards can be swiped or the information can be keyed-in by front or back office staff no matter where they are located.  All in one user-friendly Web application.  The result –fast payment turnaround time, automated posting processes and a reduction in A/R days.

  1. In-office Payments – Today every office should be accepting credit cards in both the front office to collect co-pays or deductible payments, as well as the back office.  Virtual terminals are an important extension of the practices ability to collect credit card payments by mail or over the phone.  It enables administrative conveniences such as Card on File, Automated Pay Plans and On-demand Reporting.
  2. E-statement solution features: Before you spend time and money on mailing patient statements send your patients an e-statement which can be customized and include a call-to-action. From the e-statement, the patient can review the balance and make a quick, convenient, and secure payment online.  The status of the statement can be automatically tracked and updated in real-time.  When an e-statement is opened by a patient that action is documented with the status of “viewed” so you no longer wonder if the statement was received.
  3. Paper Statement solution features: With PayTheBillNow, you can generate, customize and track paper statements to include a call-to-action with a printed URL for online payment in a secure online payment portal.  The status of the statement is automatically tracked and updated in real-time.
  4. Patient Portal payment solution features: If you already have a patient portal, PayTheBillNow can be embedded into most existing portals.

Contact us to learn how you can make it easier for patients to pay and collect all that your practice is owed.