Identifying the Right Tools to Drive Medical Practice Performance

Today’s medical practices need proven solutions and tools to increase productivity, improve patient engagement and positively impact the bottom line. Finding the time and resources to research these technologies can be daunting. You want to have the “right tools for the right job,” but there are so many choices. AssuranceMD can help determine the best fit for your practice.

Tools can be stand-alone or integrate with existing platforms. You can purchase a full suite of technology tools that work together, or choose what you need to improve your process. The following are a variety of services, products and tools that drive proven positive results for medical practices:

Practice Management and Clinical Applications

Having the right billing and clinical applications will improve efficiency, accessibility and patient engagement.

  • Cloud-based Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications – Eliminate the cost and headaches associated with onsite server maintenance and software updates by utilizing cloud-based technology for billing and clinical applications.

Improving the Pre-visit Experience

Before patients walk in the door, these solutions can equip your practice with efficiencies that save time and money.

  • Appointment Reminder System– Reduce staff time and eliminate no-shows by automating appointment reminders. Customized messages remind patients about visit prerequisites and provide an opportunity to cancel or reschedule.
  • Online Patient Portals –A secure online website gives patients convenient 24-hour access to scheduled appointments, prescription refills and personal health information. Portals help to improve patient communication, record keeping and allow for online patient payment options.
  • Secure Online Forms Improve workflow and reduce wait times by providing on-line forms in advance of the patient visit reducing check-in lines and frustration.
  • Eligibility Verification – To avoid the cost of working denied claims; determine a patient’s insurance coverage before services are rendered.

Enhancing Patient-check in and payment collection

These services reduce waiting lines, improve the check-in time process, provide patients with pricing transparency regarding their financial responsibility and improve on-time payment.

  • Insurance Card Scanners – Automatically update patient insurance card information by scanning the card and importing information directly into the PM system.
  • Patient Cost Estimator – Easily generate the most accurate cost estimates possible, increasing transparency and payment compliance.
  • Merchant Service Provider – Not all merchant services are created equal. Having a robust solution facilitates comprehensive payment processing capability and efficiencies to collect fees for medical services provided.

Post- visit Efficiency

These technologies will assist you in getting paid in a timely manner by reducing claim errors and denials.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (Clearinghouse) –A fully featured clearinghouse manages the entire healthcare claims process in one location including eligibility, electronic claims, clinical claim scrubbing, diagnosis and HCPCS validation, denial management, reporting, and electronic EOBS.
  • Clinical Scrubbing System– Effectively checks claims for accuracy prior to submission by applying a pre-configured set of edits.  This significantly decreases rejections and denials and improves the reimbursement process.
  • Dedicated Insurance Collection –Daily calls to insurance payers result in better collections and fewer write-offs.
  • Patient Billing and Collection Services –Patient billing and collection services will improve the inefficient collection of open balances and management of inbound calls related to billing. Dedicated protocols that combine cycled billing processes including statements and automated reminder calls will help practices collect what is owed.
  • E-statement solutions – Efficiently sending statements is a critical component to collecting as much as possible. From the e-statement, the patient can review the balance and make a quick, convenient, and secure payment online.

The health of your practice is key to future profitability. These technologies are proven to enhance efficiency, improve engagement and support better financial performance.

Assurance MD can help you outfit the right toolbox for your needs.

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