Denial Prevention Drives Improved Revenue Performance

  • WHO:  DeAnn Griffin of Alpha II
  • WHAT: Not ALL claim scrubbers are equal
  • VIDEO:  Watch Here

Watch our webinar that addresses how effective prevention outweighs denials in claims management.

We will focus on:

  • How claim denials are eating away at your bottom line,
  • How to calculate the “cost effect” to your practice,
  • Where in the workflow top denial/rejections occur, and
  • How you can avoid or prevent denials and save your hard-earned reimbursement.

Industry averages indicate that 1 in 5 claims is denied or rejected. That represents 20% of claims.  Of those denied/rejected claims, 60% are never resubmitted!  That leaves a significant amount of uncollected revenue.

Essentially, about two thirds of all rejections are recoverable, but at a cost.  On average, the cost to rework and resubmit is about $25.20 per claim.  Have you ever calculated the cost and financial impact to your bottom line?

Stop the denial insanity!

Watch our  demonstration of ClaimStaker, MUCH MORE than a “claim scrubber”!

BONUS:  If you would you like to calculate your “cost effect” in dollars, please answer the questions at the bottom of the registration.  We will provide the “”cost effect” to your practice following the webinar.

Stop the insanity and send clean claims that will reduce days in AR, recover revenue and relieve administrative burden!