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Are you planning to succeed?

October 2017 | Dana Loundas

Whether you operate a small practice or are exploring ways to expand an existing one, planning is an important tool to help guide your decisions and ultimately, your success.
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FAQ on 2FA

September 2017 | Greg Cutrona

Plain and simple, 2FA drastically reduces cyber criminal's chances to succeed.
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Two-Factor Authentication: Is your data secure?

September 2017 | Greg Cutrona

I am happy to announce that AssuranceMD has started the implementation of another layer of security to your hosted applications with us known as Two Factor Authentication (2FA).
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Strategies to Reduce Insurance Claims Denials

August 2017 | Joe Garyantes

Managing the denial process is time-consuming, difficult and expensive, but it is essential to optimize collections. With a defined management process, efficient practice management tools and persistence, claims denials can be improved and positively impact the bottom line.
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My Top 5 Favorite Features of Practice Insight’s EDI Claim Manager

July 2017 | Dianna Serrano

Not all EDI solutions are created equally.   Our solution allows you to work your entire accounts receivable process more efficiently which results in maximizing your claim payments.
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Things To Consider as You Move Towards Value-Based Care

June 2017 | Dana Loundas

In value-based models, doctors and hospitals are paid for helping keep people healthy and for improving the health of those who have chronic conditions in an evidence-based, cost-effective way.
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Practice Valuation Methods

May 2017 | Greg Cutrona

While merger and acquisition activity is robust, valuation of physician practices typically takes the form of one of a various number of valuation paths.
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Stop the Financial Leaks: 3 Recommendations to Offset Declining Revenue

November 2016 | Dana Loundas

A little effort expended today to fix a problem will prevent it from becoming a larger issue tomorrow. Procrastination will require more time and effort to fix later. Stop the financial leaks and consider a preventive approach to offset declining revenue.
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Are You Letting Money Walk Out The Door?

June 2016 | Dianna Blanco and Dana Loundas

Outsourcing patient billing is a proven strategy to improve your cash flow, free up your staff and better serve your patients. Don’t let money walk out the door. Explore the positive impact a billing program can have on your financial performance, your reputation and your staff.
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Row, Row, Row Your Boat…..

May 2016 | Greg Cutrona

Row, row, row…. Life is about taking action, moving forward. Keep going even when things are rough.
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