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Big Benefits to Cloud-Based EHR

Should we or shouldn’t we, that is the question we often hear when talking with physicians about the move to EHR.  Just like any big decisions, there is an internal tug-of-war about the expense, the integration and a resistance to change the current process.

The benefits of Cloud-based EHR far outweigh the contrasts of purchasing an on-site application or even doing nothing.  The integration is seamless, the payment options are flexible and the outcome will provide productive workflows, improve patient care and increase revenue.

There is a better way. The following are five important considerations in support of a web-based platform.

Cost Effectiveness
Moving to the Cloud provides cost saving opportunities while improving efficiencies and increasing revenue of the practice. Web-Based EHRs do not require hardware or software purchases and typically have a lower up-front cost for licensing.  That translates to immediate savings. There are no implementation costs, no software license upgrades or maintenance fees.  Automatic updates are included and done in a timely fashion.  Cloud based tools and applications provide a virtual data center that is scalable to meet the needs of your practice.  Flexible payment options are available either through a fixed monthly fee or a shared revenue model.

Easy Transition 
Deployment of cloud-based EHR is easy, fast and efficient.  A gradual implementation process ensures that office hours and patient time are protected and unaffected.  There is no practice down time or loss of scheduling.  Database sets and modifications are developed directly with an implementation specialist to ensure the proper customization.   This approach provides a solid foundation for end user proficiency and usability from the very start.

Better Support
Technical support is centralized and more responsive.  Monthly support fees are eliminated and support is unlimited.  Data is secure and backups are managed offsite. You will always be up-to-date with the most current information and have confidence that your data is secure.

More likely to Achieve Meaningful Use
With application supported dashboards, the overall experience is better and you are more likely to meet Meaningful Use than without such technology. The real time view of measure & goal updates provides a comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot of progress towards Meaningful Use.  Our philosophy is to focus on what is required or necessary to get the most out of HITECH incentives.  Dashboard data capturing of Meaningful Use measures is a proven metric for success in attesting to Meaningful Use.

With cloud-technology and our software, all of your information is available at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime.  Hosted EHR platforms are the perfect solutions for physicians who might often be out of office, traveling or visiting patients off site.  Furthermore, medical practice dashboards provide real-time information in a format that is easy to read and understand.

According to a recent survey reported in Healthcare IT News, eighty-seven percent of all physician practices surveyed agree their billing and collections systems need upgrading.  Eighty-nine percent state a preference for a single source vendor for all RCM PM and EHR modules.  Survey findings also indicate that over ninety percent of the surveyed practices achieving meaningful use 1 attestation agree that fully-integrated practice management/revenue cycle management systems equipped with EHR is key to ensuring practice survival and even independence from hospital or large group acquisition.

More and more practices are making the switch to Cloud-Based EHR because it is better, affordable and meets the needs of the practice.  Hosted solutions are just the beginning of an improved way of controlling capitalized expenditures while reducing costs.

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