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Higher Reimbursements

AssuranceMD will perform a thorough revenue cycle assessment and baseline measure of your practice’s financial and revenue cycle performance. The results will identify and define the problem areas in your practice’s workflow and offer solutions that, through implementation of our specific recommendations, will fix problem areas and create higher reimbursements.

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Faster Collections

Our approach to collectons starts with eligibility verification and insurance claim scrubbing, ensuring all claims adhere to insurance payers requirements. AssuranceMD’s AR Express Methodology identifies potential problem receivables at the earliest possible opportunity and enables us to create automated responses to certain events, such as automatic letter generation, resubmission of claims, and electronic claim status. By automating these solutions, you’ll cut the time it would take staff to generate the same resources, therefore assuring that your revenue will be collected faster.

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Medical Practice Dashboard

With our software and our Cloud, all of your information will be at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime. Our Medical Practice Dashboard provides you with real-time information in a format that is easy to read and understand. At a glance, you’ll be able to review:

Dashboardclick to enlarge
  • Patient Activity
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Underpayments
  • Accounts Receivable broken out by primary, secondary, and patients
  • Comprehensive denial information
  • Ignored or lost claims
  • Contractual and manual adjustments

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