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Attaining Incentives

AssuranceMD’s combination of technology, people, and support will give your practice an advantage to receiving and attaining incentives from Meaningful Use. Our staff will help you meet all of the measures necessary to secure your incentives. We will continuously pursue other incentive programs such as pay-for-performance or PQRS. By providing online learning tools, we will keep you informed of how to easily act on and integrate them into your workflow.

All in all, our deliverable is to generate incremental practice revenue via our unique combination of technology and business practice acumen.  Bottom line, we will increase the value of your work and empower you to go about your life’s passion without agonizing over back-office administration and reimbursement complications.

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Creating Value

Growing your practice revenues is getting more and more difficult in today’s healthcare environment.  Reimbursement cuts have many physicians struggling to reduce costs.  Back-office processes are taking the focus away from quality care and successful patient outcomes.  Our hosted solution will turn a challenging situation into an opportunity by utilizing top-of-the-line practice management and EHR systems, experienced clinical and billing professionals, and automating collections and posting.  AssuranceMD’s services eliminate the expense of computer hardware and software upgrades, focus on industry and government incentives, and meaningful cost reductions.  These efforts will create significant savings and add overall value to your medical practice.

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