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10 Years of Outstanding Service

Every day is a celebration with Crystal Barr at AssuranceMD.  Her laughter is infectious and her presence is bigger than life.  The office buzzes with energy and productivity when Crystal is around.  Clients love her and co-workers envy her ability to accomplish her long to do list and remain positive throughout the day.

Last week was no exception; however Crystal appeared a little more in control and perhaps a tad more seasoned.  After all, she just celebrated her 10th anniversary with AssuranceMD.

“Ten years is a wonderful milestone and calls for the appropriate recognition“ said Greg Cutrona, CEO.  “Crystal has been a significant contributor from the very beginning.  Together, we have grown our small software support company into a leading revenue cycle management company servicing medical practices across the US.  We could never have accomplished so much without Crystal’s dedication and experience.”

As one might imagine, many things can happen during the course of ten years in the healthcare sector.  Practice and government demands continue to grow, technology races forward, and physicians and office personnel require more assistance to keep up with administrative details.  Over the past decade, Crystal has worn many different hats, none of which were too big or too challenging.  As a result, she has developed an uncanny ability to understand systems interoperability and is the “go to” person within the organization when it comes to client support. She works hard to train employees and encourages personal development.

Reflecting back on the early years, Crystal shares “I am happy to be an integral part of a dynamic company and challenging industry.  My early experience helped to create a solid foundation that I rely on to help physicians collect all that they deserve from the services they provide to so many.”

The AssuranceMD team joined together to celebrate Crystal in Philadelphia at one of her favorite Italian restaurants, Maggiano’s Little Italy where the focus is making people feel special.  Crystal is one special person indeed.